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    In November 8th, The World's Largest Gold ETF--SPDR Gold Trust Holds 843.09 Tons
    Nov 10, 2017

    The world's largest gold ETF--SPDR Gold Trust on Wednesday compared with the previous day to reduce 1.18 tons, the current position of 843.09 tons.

    Other Flotation ReagentsOther Collector99% Thiocarbamide   Thiourea CAS NO.: 62-56-6 used for medicine, agriculture, textile,   printing-dyeing, chemical, metal-mine-selecting, launderingThiourea


    Sodium Hydrosulphide NAHS CAS No.:16721-80-5 used for copper ore   flotation and dyestuff industrySodium   hydrosulfide
    Sodium hydrosulphide

    RegulatorAdjusting agentSodium thioglycolate CAS NO.:367-51-1 used as the depressant of   copper minerals and pyriteSodium   thioglycolate
    ModifierDepressant of copper   minerals
    DefoamerInhibitor of copper   minerals
    FlocculantSeparating   mixed copper-molybdenum concentrate

    Cupric sulfate used as the modifier for the   flotation of sphalerite, stibnite, pyriteCupric sulfate
    The modifier for the flotation of pyrite
    Flotation modifier 

    Triisobutyl Phosphate TIBP CAS   NO.: 126-71-6 used as anti-foaming agent and penetrant Triisobutyl   Phosphate

    Polyacrylamide PAM as the flocculant for water treatment in   flotationPolyacrylamide
    Non-ionic Polyacrylamide
    Anionic polyacrylamide
    Cationic polyacrylamide

    Flocculant   for water treatment

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