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IShares Silver ETF11 16 Month Silver Holdings Of 9893.21 Tons
Nov 17, 2017

IShares silver ETF11 16 month silver holdings of 9893.21 tons, unchanged from the previous trading day.

Phosphate ChemicalsPhosphate   PlasticizerTrimethyl Phosphate TMP    CAS NO.: 512-56-1
    mainly used as the solvent and extractant of medicine and pesticide
Trimethyl   Phosphate
Phosphate RetardantTMP
PlastifierExtractant TMP
Flame Retardant

Triethyl Phosphate TEP CAS NO.: 78-40-0 as the   intermediate of rubber plastic  Triethyl Phosphate
Plasticizer TEP

Tricresyl Phosphate TCP CAS NO.:   1330-78-5 mainly used in PVC, PE, conveyor belts, leather, wire and cable,   and flame-retardant synthetic resinTricresyl   Phosphate
Retardant TCP

The flame retardant Cresyl   Diphenyl Phosphate CDP CAS NO.: 26444-49-5
Cresyl   Diphenyl Phosphate
Retardant CDP

The flame retardant Triphenyl   Phosphate TPP CAS NO. 115-86-6Triphenyl   Phosphate
Retardant TPP

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