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    N-Octyl Pyrrolidone

    N-Octyl Pyrrolidone

    N-Octyl pyrrolidone is colorless transparent liquid. N-Octyl pyrrolidone Use: As pesticide solvent; dyes sovlent and dispersant etc.


    N-Octyl pyrrolidone

    Product Name: N-octyl pyrrolidone 
    N-Octyl pyrrolidone Structural Formula:

    N-Octyl pyrrolidone CAS#:2687-94-7
    N-Octyl pyrrolidone Propeties: colorless transparent liquid,D20=0.922g/cm3;b.p.:307°C; 
    m.p.:-26°C;excellent penetrability to skin; excellent surface activity; avoid contascting with skin and eyes.
    N-Octyl pyrrolidone Use: As pesticide solvent; dyes sovlent and dispersant etc. 
    N-Octyl pyrrolidone Spec: Assay(GC)99%    Moisture:0.3%    Color:50APHA
    N-Octyl pyrrolidone Packing:180KG/drum

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